Boaz versus Bozo

Here I am in a cold snowy afternoon at Barnes and Noble, my favorite store ever, doing what I love, looking at and reading books. So many great choices in the Christian aisle! I purchased a new Bible since mine was so consumed and “A man worth waiting for, how to avoid a bozo”, by Jackie Kendall. The title is self-explanatory but she explain it in a nut shell and I quote: “Dear reader, let God write your love story. Let Him surpass all your expectations with a man truly worth waiting for. Let Him bring you your Boaz ( see Ruth and Boaz love story in the Bible) and your love story will be powerful!”. So after meeting and loving Bozos in my life, I have not lost faith. My godly Boaz is worth waiting for and only God can bring it to pass. What is your definition of a godly man, ideal man? A man who embodies faithfulness to God and family, a man of his word…a trustworthy and wise man with a quit and steady strength…?!

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I am sometimes a so called fish out of water, a traveling soul, living my life between Usa and Italy when I am not in the clouds! A mother of two, language instructor, animal lovers,wanting to make extraordinary every day in it's simplicity
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5 Responses to Boaz versus Bozo

  1. overthehillguitar says:

    I think your blurb said all the right things. A great place to start when looking for a Godly man is: ” A man after gods own heart”. If a man puts God first in his life, then everything else will fall into place naturally. If a man’s heart is not right with God, or his vessel is already full, then, Women, stay away. Also, look for the maturity. If you are looking for a middle aged man or someone guy in his 4o’s, the maturity should be there. Does he put others first, does he have a kind word for strangers, does he want to protect the weak and defenseless, will he give of himself and then give some more, does he have something to pass down to others(everyone does. some just don’t know it)? These are maturity markers that reflect right back to what the Lord is doing in his life. Ladies, another “Deal breaker” is any man who uses psychological force to get their opinion across, or just plain get their way. Manipulation is a sickness and these men need to get right back into the woodshed and bend their knees and wait upon the Lord some more. Getting your wagon hitched to that kind of man will only crush the spirit of a beautiful Godly woman and grind her to dust. Is the man a team player? Will he bunt or will he swing the bat as hard as he can to try to hit a home run every time up to bat. As a poet, writer, musician, husband and father, I know the power of words. I try, every day, to lift up, or edify my family with the words I speak. Let’s face it, when we speak we have 2 types of words/phrases we can speak 1. Edifying, building words or 2. Dividing, tearing or destructive words. Is the man you’re interested in using his words to build up others or tear down those closest to him. Lastly, what does the guy do when he makes a mistake? This is very important! I can’t stress this enough. Does he take responsibility for his actions? Does he ask for forgiveness from God and whomever he offended. A man that can say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me”, truly is a man. Yet one more thing: Ladies, you already know this but, A man’s worst trait is his pride. It chokes out all the good God is trying to do and leaves no room for the one and only God. Remember, there used to be this one angel,who SAT IN THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD DAILY FACE TO FACE WITH GOD, and his pride got him thrown right out of heaven along with a 3rd of the heavenly host. So, any man full of himself, or one who thinks he can do it all by his lonesome, truly is doing it all in his own power and not by the grace of God. Look for the fruits of the spirit. Is a man squeezing some sour grapes? Or, is God’s fruit being gulped in an bottomless glass and is the juice running down his chin. The bible says to “watch and pray” . Wait upon the Lord and He will reveal unto you your direction. If you do this you don’t have to be afraid. Fear and past hurt can cripple us. But, God asks us to have faith in the path he has laid out for our lives. It is good and full of His love. He really is our “Good Sheppard” listen for his call.

    Ladies, don’t be troubled, good , God fearing men are out there.

    • katia68 says:

      ….And that is what I meant when I thank the Lord for my godly blogger friends.
      I am going to take notes. What you wrote touched me as the truth. I have not lost faith in giving all my love and respect to my “Boaz”. It’s worth waiting for. The Lord will lead me to know and see the truth. Grazie, grazie..

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  3. I stumbled upon your Blog. Just passing through but Great contents. Inspiring!

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