adriatic coast“Like a piece of driftwood
I have floated along
On the sea of misery
Until landing on this desolate shore
Where upon I am found
Forgive me, Lord
For I have not recognized
That all the while I was drifting
I could have been dancing upon the sea
Coming under the life-giving
Flow of the blood of Jesus
So that others may find in me
The picture of beauty
That You see”

Jeffrey Tibbetts

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About katia68

I am sometimes a so called fish out of water, a traveling soul, living my life between Usa and Italy when I am not in the clouds! A mother of two, language instructor, animal lovers,wanting to make extraordinary every day in it's simplicity
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2 Responses to Driftwood

  1. TheGreatPlainsPoet says:

    This poem reminds me of my post: “Healing: Listen Not To The Pain.” It reminds me to keep focus off of myself and to put that effort and love into others.

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